Museum of Castro GuimarĂ£es Counts

This Municipal Museum is near by the sea and it keeps a very original architecture because its aim is to promote art. The palace is from 19th century and it was property of Manuel Castro Guimarães (a Portuguese Count from Cascais). He left in his Will all his property to a Municipal Museum and a Traditional Library. Besides the property, all the artifacts inside the palace were left to Cascais City Council. Beautiful pieces of art such as paitings from 17th century, Oriental China and more than 25 thousand books!!


This is the reason why today we can find here, in this Museum, unique art of Portuguese and International artists. The exhibitions often show artifacts from many different countries and cultures. For instance, one of the most famous exhibitions has china indo-Portuguese.


There is also an Archeological room with ancient artifacts and a Library with rare and ancient books. The patrimony of this Library is very valuable. The most valuable book is an illustrated manuscript from 1505 of a Chronic of King D. Afonso Henriques. The illustration of this manuscript was made only in 16th century to complete the book.


After visiting the Museum – and for all the ones who love the fresh air – there is a possibility to visit the garden and the mini-zoo.